Surface treatment

Thorough and effective surface treatment
East Metal finishes items with the surface treatment(s) best suited to the task. These include shot blasting, metallisation, galvanising, and painting. 

Shot blasting
The iron and steel industry has traditionally used sand blasting prior to metalising or galvanizing. At East Metal we use surface blasting instead. Surface blasting or Shot blasting is a much better method, since we use small metal balls instead of grains of sand to clean the surface. This means we can avoid small fragments of sand boring into the steel and subsequently destroying the metal from within.

Galvanising and metalising
Regardless of the technology used, our processes and thorough quality control mean that we comply with the toughest requirements in the industry - DS/EN ISO 1461.

Class C5 paint coatings
We work at a high level of quality in all sub-processes. Our painting department accepts jobs right up to corrosion category C5 - M, which guarantees that the finished product has a very high standard of corrosion protection. .

Best results
This means that we select the method(s) for each jjob so as to ensure the best possible result in relation to the customer's requirements and the task at hand.
We carry out most of these processes at our own facilities , while others are performed by our  trusted sub-contractors in Latvia or Western Europe.

East Metal subcontractor to the building of ESS

East Metal has been chosen as a sub-contractor for the construction of the European research facility ESS (European Spallation Source) in Lund, Sweden.

Outsourcing without the Compromises
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