Pulling station - Load Test Center

East Metal expands competencies
East Metal is now opening the world’s largest load test center at the factory in Nakskov. This time, with significantly higher capacity: Items can be load tested with up to 1500 tonnes (15,000 kN). Max. size of the test product is more than 50 tons dead weight, and dimensions of more than 30 m x  10 m x 10m (L x W x H).

So far, East Metal have had a test center in Latvia to perform load and pulling tests of lifting equipment and other items.

The Latvian pulling test center performs pulling tests with up to 350 tons force. Max size of lifting equipment is about 10 tonnes, which is 10 meters long, 5 meters wide and 5 meters high.

This expansion of the capacity is linked to the still larger machines being developed (just think of increasing size of wind turbines). These large structures can now be tested adequately before they are commissioned.

Thereby East Metal offers new and existing customers a continuous chain from the production of lifting equipment to the performance of load tests - based on quality, safety and cost-effectiveness.

East Metal's new test center appeals to optimization and quality testing of wind turbine components, cranes, lifting equipment, transport equipment, other machine parts and supporting structures.


East Metal subcontractor to the building of ESS

East Metal has been chosen as a sub-contractor for the construction of the European research facility ESS (European Spallation Source) in Lund, Sweden.

Outsourcing without the Compromises
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