Quality and environment

Quality management and control from start to finish
East Metal never compromise on quality, and we are proud of every single order, from every customer, as these demonstrate that proven high quality is a priority among our customers.

Quality control starts when we receive raw materials from our suppliers, and is only complete once the order has been delivered and approved by our customers.

Danish quality manager
Under the expert leadership of East Metal's Danish quality manager, there is strict quality control from the time we receive raw materials at the factory, until we supply the finished goods to the customer. We follow a quality handbook which ensures that every employee is familiar with the quality requirements and carefully monitors compliance with them.

Fulfil the most stringent quality requirements in the industry
East Metal's surface treatments ensure lasting quality. We provide painted coatings up to corrosion category C5, and galvanize in accordance with DS/EN ISO 1461 - the industry's most stringent quality requirements.

Third-party quality control
Many of our customers require third-party quality control of processes and/or finished products as part of their own quality assurance. We are more than happy to facilitate such requirements, and we are proud that our customers have such high quality standards. Our customers are also welcome to visit the production facilities and monitor production of their products with their own eyes.

East Metal subcontractor to the building of ESS

East Metal has been chosen as a sub-contractor for the construction of the European research facility ESS (European Spallation Source) in Lund, Sweden.

Outsourcing without the Compromises
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