Innovative and unique test stand

Innovative and unique.

When you first walk into the new test center for tensile and load tests, you’re overwhelmed by the size and structure of the facility. In a room the size of a seven story building is a construction with a very large work area. Four enormous hydraulic cylinders that can be expanded, ensures the load torque. Even very large workpieces

 can be fixed and tested so that the actual use situation is simulated as close as possible.
The test center is East Metal Nakskov's latest investment and is designed to test the tensile and impact strength (pulling tests) of structures where safety and quality are not up for discussion. Such a mechanical test is performed in many industries, such as the wind turbine industry, crane and lifting gear, in aerospace and automotive industries, offshore and construction industries.

East Metal has a close cooperation with the Danish machinery industry and the larger and larger machines (think about the increasing sizes of wind turbines) obviously requires that larger structures must be tested adequately before commissioning. Therefore, East Metal set a milestone for test-ability, as we now have the opportunity to test subjects with up to 1500 t (15,000 kN).

"The test center provides good opportunities for optimization of wind turbine parts, cranes, lifting equipment, transport equipment, other machine parts and supporting structures because test results can be used to validate new constructions (or components) strengths', says managing director Bent Juul Larsen, who has followed the project from day one.

The investment has been supported by the EU Structural Funds for Regional Development 2007-2013, who co-financed the establishment of the production facilities - including tensile test center, as it contributes to the region's development potential and strengthen the company's growth and ability to innovate. Read more about the EU Structural Funds here.

The test center is now ready for service, after construction was completed in September and the calibration and commissioning phase has been satisfactory.

East Metal subcontractor to the building of ESS

East Metal has been chosen as a sub-contractor for the construction of the European research facility ESS (European Spallation Source) in Lund, Sweden.

Outsourcing without the Compromises
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