Tension Test - Proof Load Test - Pulling Test

World Class Test Facilities

The test centres perform tension tests, proof load tests, and pulling tests.

The test centres allows for the optimisation of wind turbines, cranes, lifting equipment, transport equipment, and other machine parts and supporting structures, as the test results can be used to validate the strength of new designs and components.

East Metal has two centres:

  • Tension/Load/Pulling testing of up to 350 tonnes are carried out in Dobele, Latvia. The maximum size of the components is approximately 10 tonnes, up to 10 meters in length, 5 meters in width, and 5 meters in height
  • Our Nakskov factory in Denmark can conduct tests with a considerably higher capacity, - probably the highest in the world: Items can be tested with a load up to 2250 tons (22500 kN). The maximum size of the test subject is: a weight of more than 50 tonnes, and with dimensions of up to 30 m x 5,3 m x 13 m ((L x W x H)

This expansion in capacity was made in 2016 and should be seen in the context of the ever larger machines being developed (i.e. the increasing size of wind turbines). these large structures can now be tested adequately before they are commissioned. 


East Metal subcontractor to the building of ESS

East Metal has been chosen as a sub-contractor for the construction of the European research facility ESS (European Spallation Source) in Lund, Sweden.

Outsourcing without the Compromises
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